Hello and welcome to the Purdue Pagan Academic Network!

We are an educational and networking community for Pagans as well as those who are respectfully curious about modern Pagan cultures and traditions. We are currently rebooting the organization and plan to have weekly meetings where we give presentations on pagan-related topics, host discussions, plan events and socialize in an open and supportive environment. We also attempt to clear up any misconceptions regarding the modern pagan traditions.

We actively acknowledge and support the many various belief systems within the Pagan community: Asatru, Druidism, Wicca, Santeria, amongst many others. We also discuss and practice divination, astrology, metaphysics, practical magic, alternative healing practices such as herbalism, various cultural pantheons and mythology, and much more.

The goal of PAN is to create a safe, open environment for the presentation and discussion of ideas. The only thing we require is that anyone who visits our meetings must be respectful of other’s ideas and religious beliefs.

Discord Server

As part of the reboot process we are currently organizing on a Discord server. To enter the full PAN Discord server, you must click the thumbs up icon on the #welcome-and-rules channel. Come chat with us!

Join the PAN Discord Server